What is important to know when buying a Webasto

Important information about conditioning system

An autonomous heater of the type Webasto or Eberspächer starts the climate system in the car interior. Simply put, the cabin needs to start blowing warm air. It is important to understand that in most cars, for the correct operation of the heater in the air conditioning system, the correct operating mode must be manually set. This means that before you turn off the ignition and get out of the car, you must open the access of warm air to the maximum (set the maximum temperature) to the cabin and direct it to the windshield. This is similar to when you need to turn on the faucet to get water from the shower.

In some cars, the climate system can be controlled in fully automatic mode, i.e. there is no need to set anything manually, because the heater automation sets the necessary modes by itself. You also need to understand that such an automatic system cannot be installed in any car, and you have to pay 200-500 euros for it.

Decide if you’re willing to pay for extra comfort or if you don’t mind turning on the climate control knob before getting out of the car.

Be sure to ask the consultant more precisely what options are available for your car!

Important information about control by smartphone

In order to control the heater by calling, SMS or the Internet, the control device installed in the car must be connected to mobile communication or the Internet. This means that some controls, such as ThermoCall or FanControl, require a separate SIM card. For other devices, such as Webasto ThermoConnect or Eberspächer EasyStart Web, you have to pay every year to keep the device online and to have access to it from your smartphone.

Please note that using the heater always incurs monthly or annual communication costs.

If you choose a control device with a separate SIM card (ThermoCall or FanControl), we ask you to obtain a suitable SIM card from your mobile operator in advance and bring it to us on the day of installation. We recommend taking the M2M (machine to machine) card. Webasto ThermoCall requires a card with a package of 50-100 SMS per month, depending on the expected use of the heater. FanControl requires internet, but usually not more than 30 Mb per month. Both cards must support incoming calls.

If you don’t bring your SIM card with you, we will install a limited-time calling card for €1. This card must be continuously loaded with money at least once every 6 months, otherwise the card will be closed and it must be replaced. We do the first card exchange for free, the following ones cost €25.

Be sure to ask the consultant about all the features of the selected control device!

Preserving the warranty on the new car

If you install an accessory in Mugav Auto, the factory warranty is preserved!

Our company specializes exclusively in the installation of accessories, this is our main work. We service nearly 2,000 cars a year. Our masters are trained to make special devices, including for new cars, and have been doing just that for years. In most cases, our competence is much higher than that of the masters of ordinary service, because they do not have such great experience in installing additional systems.

Official offices order a lot of additional work, including the installation of heaters, from other masters, since they themselves do not have the corresponding specialists. Unfortunately, the customer does not know who specifically did the work, with what material and who gives the guarantee. To be sure of the quality of the service, contact the masters of your field. You can also get consultation and professional service from them!

How to prepare for installation

In order for the installation to go smoothly, we ask you to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Leave a minimum amount of fuel in the tank, a maximum of ¼ tank
  2. If you choose a ThermoCall or FanControl device, bring a previously purchased and working SIM card.
What to know when using a preheater

There are 3 important factors to consider when using an autonomous heater.

  1. Do not start the heater when the fuel gauge is in the red zone. If the fuel level is insufficient, the heater may go into emergency mode and block. The blockage can be removed and the heater can be restored only in our workshop with the help of diagnostic equipment. The recommended fuel level is at least ¼ tank. Follow this advice and you won’t have any problems.
  2. Pay attention to the charge and condition of the battery. If the battery is not charged, the heater will not start. The heater stops working when the battery voltage drops below a critical level, as the heater has a built-in protection against total battery discharge. If you encounter one of these difficulties, the first thing to do is to fully charge the battery.
  3. The movement of warm air in the cabin can trigger the alarm. If this happens, the cabin sensors must be turned off while the heater is in use. If there is no such function, the sensitivity of the sensors or the speed of the cabin fan can be reduced to reduce the air movement in the cabin.
If you have an alarm system with a cabin sensor

Some types of cabin sensors are sensitive to air movement, so the alarm may sound when the heater is running. These are so-called ultrasonic sensors that look like small microphones. Most often, such a problem occurs with additional alarms, but it does not occur very often.

In any case, it is important to consider these risks, because solving the problem of alarm activation is not included in the price of installing the heater. It is always an additional service for which you have to pay separately.

This problem can be easily solved by turning off the cabin sensors when you intend to use the heater. If there is no such function, the sensitivity of the sensors or the speed of the cabin fan can be reduced to reduce the air movement in the cabin. If it is an additional alarm and none of the proposed methods help, the solution is either to replace the sensor with another one that is suitable for working with the heater, or to completely remove the sensor.

Electricity consumption and battery drain

You need to know the main thing – if you have a good, normally charged and newer battery, there will be no problems! Problems only occur with old or dead batteries. I also want to point out that with a broken or old battery, sooner or later you will have problems starting the car even without Webasto or Eberspächer. It is simply important to keep your car and battery in good technical condition

Webasto and Eberspächer consume about the same amount of energy as the side lights on. The main consumer is the air conditioning fan located in the cabin. To avoid draining your battery, follow our usage recommendations.

The simplest rule – don’t run the heater for longer than the duration of your ride. If the ride is 15 minutes, run the heater for a maximum of 15 minutes. If the ride lasts 1 hour, feel free to start for half an hour or 45 minutes if the weather conditions require it.


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