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What Webasto heater power to choose?

Webasto обогрев на голф

Webasto EVO 4 – Power 4,2 kW

The smallest and the cheapest Webasto heater. Perfectly fits for small cars with the engine up to 2.0 litres. It works great in small cars similar to VW Golf.

During the frosts lower than -10°C it could take more then 30 minutes to warm up the car.

Price with installation 980€

*  The price does not include a control unit. Find more about the possibilities on the page below…

Webasto EVO 5 – Power 5,2 kW

Webasto Thermo Top EVO 5 is a faster and more powerful heater. It is recommended for family station wagons, business class cars and with an engine over 2 liters. You will feel a tangible difference in severe frosts.

Powerful and fast enough, even in severe frost it can easily cope with heating almost any car in a reasonable time.

Price with installation 1280€

* The price does not include a control unit. Find more about the possibilities on the page below…

Bmw Webasto
Porsche вебасто

Webasto EVO 5+ – 30% more power

We have an even more powerful set – this is Webasto Thermo Top Evo 5+. This is a new generation heater, its heat transfer is 30% higher compared to the Evo5. Recommended for Premium cars and for those who care about every minute!

The fastest! In most cases, during normal Estonian frosts, 10-15 minutes is enough to warm up the car.

Price with installation 1380€

* The price does not include a control unit. Find more about the possibilities on the page below…

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How Webasto works?

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How to control a Webasto heater?

Панель управления Webasto Multicontrol​

Webasto Multicontrol

Webasto control panel, which allows you to set all possible modes of the heater while in the car. You can set a start time, your departure time, operating time, comfort level, and the car will be warmed up by the planned time.

Price with installation 120€

Remote control Telestart T-91

Miniature remote control with a radius of up to 1 km. The easiest use is to turn it on and off! At the same time, the remote control has the ability to control all Webasto settings by pressing a certain combination of buttons, which requires some time and instructions.

Price with installation 310€

Дистанционный пульт Telestart T-91​
Дистанционный пульт Telestart T-100​

Remote control Telestart T-100

This remote control is suitable for those who need quick access to all settings of the Webasto heater. The remote control has a display and additional buttons for changing all parameters and operating modes of the system.

Price with installation 410€

Thermo Call 4 - control by your smartphone

The ability to control the heater from a smartphone from anywhere in the world. Requires the installation of a separate SIM card in the car, capable of receiving calls and sending SMS. ThermoCall communicates with the heater using SMS commands or calls. You can use the ThermoCall app, which will automatically send the correct SMS command when you select the desired function on your phone screen.

Price with installation 460€

Управление со смартфона Thermo Call 4​
Управление со смартфона FanControl GSM​

FanControl - control by your smartphone

FanControl uses the Internet to work, and thanks to this, the exchange of information between the car and your smartphone is much more efficient. It is imperative to install a SIM card with a separate number with the Internet in the car. In addition to controlling Webasto, the FanControl application reports information about the car online – the status of the doors, the engine, the location of the car, etc. Download the application from the market and test it in demo mode.

Price with installation 510€

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Webasto Constructor - assemble your personal set

Choose a heater based on the size of your car and the cost of Webasto, which is more suitable for you.
You can choose between a simple timer (Webasto Multicontrol Control Panel) installed in the car, remote controllers or smartphones.
Choosing the Webasto remote control and smartphone, you can also install the control panel inside the car, which will allow you to start and configure Webasto without the remote control, while in the car.
Select Climate-Automatic if the original climate system in your car automatically adjusts the temperature in the passenger compartment according to the temperature set on the display. These are systems such as Climatronic and others, where you do not need to manually turn the temperature regulator.
Price with installation €

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    Webasto professional installation

    Управление со смартфона FanControl GSM​

    Mugav Auto - 25 years with you!

    Mugav Auto is the most modern installation center in Estonia today. We always have clean “almost like an operating room” workshops and a super comfortable sitting and waiting area for clients with coffee and internet. If necessary, we ourselves will pick up your car within near to Tallinn, take it to our workshop and return it directly to your home or office.

    Equipping the workshop with the latest technology!

    Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology. This allows installations to be made much faster than competitors and to offer a more reasonable price. Only we have professional diagnostic equipment for ANY car brands in order to correctly coordinate the operation of the original systems when using Webasto. We prepared in advance for installation on your car!

    Оснащение мастерской по последнему слову техники!

    Mugav Auto has been working for you since 1995 and more than 1500 installations are made in our workshop every year. Trust the professionals!

    Other offers: mugavauto.ee autokaitse.ee